Rent a podcast studio?

With podcasts you create more value for your brand, you can introduce listeners to your company and inspire them with interviews and stories. You generate more revenue and you can easily encourage listeners to take action. In short: an ideal marketing tool.

De AudioFabrique takes care of recordings on location, editing and mixing the recordings and can also take care of the distribution of your podcast to platforms such as the iTunes store.

Wondering what De AudioFabrique can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Record the podcast

With our mobile podcast studio you can record the podcasts at your own location. This compact setup is equipped with the best equipment to record a podcast.

For long-term projects we can also put together a special setup that you can manage yourself.

The recorded files are sent to our studio via a transfer service, FTP or e-mail.

Edit, mix & distribution

In our studio the recorded podcasts are edited, mixed and prepared for the different platforms on which the podcast can be heard.

This way you can be sure that the listener can listen to the podcast at any time and everywhere, whether it is played at home or in noisy environments such as public transport or in the car.

We can also take care of the distribution over the different channels so that you can fully focus on the content of your podcast.

Mobile podcast studio

You can record a podcast at your own location with the mobile podcast solution from De AudioFabrique.

We call it our ‘Podcast Pod’. A compact setup with a maximum of 4 microphones with swivel arms, to be placed on any table with a maximum width of 1m50. Cables can be neatly concealed so that a combination with a live stream * is also possible. The setup comes with headphones for monitoring.

The setup, operation (recording) and disassembly are taken care of by an experienced audio technician.

De AudioFabrique has a wide range of its own material that can be used on location to record the audio. We supplement this as desired through our regular suppliers.

* inquire about the possibilities in collaboration with our livestream partner.

We record podcast for

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