the studio

In our studio high-quality recordings are made in a pleasant atmosphere. We attach great importance to clean audio, therefore we pay close attention to the audio post.

De AudioFabrique provides end-to-end service for radio commercials and online content. From concept to final product.

The studio is equipped with the latest version of Pro Tools and the equipment we use is always up-to-date. In combination with our processing plugins which include Waves, iZotope and FabFilter we are able to provide end mix in any desired format on any media.

For broadcast, we work according to the EBU R128 standard.


The recording studio of De AudioFabrique is equiped with a spacious vocal booth which acoustically is not completely dry and provides a pleasant, natural sound.

Our booth is fully equipped to provide services for dubbing of numeroud productions types (e.g. commercials & games).

our gear

  • DAW: Pro Tools HD 12 incl. Dolby ATMOS production suite
  • AD/DA: Avid Omni HD, Avid HD I/O
  • Video: Avid DNxIO
  • Monitoring: Dynaudio BM 12A (L,C,R) BM6A (Surround L-R), BeyerDynamic DT770
  • Controller: Avid S3 & Pro Tools Dock
  • Processing: o.a. Waves, API, Neve SSL Izotope RX6, FabFilter
  • Metering: TC Electronic Clarity M (o.a. EBU R128)
  • Microphones: Neumann U47 FET / TLM103, AKG C414, Sennheiser MKH416
  • Mic. pre/EQ/compressor: Avalon 737 SP / Focusrite RED 7
  • Remote monitoring: Skype

listen in?

Thanks to our connection through Skype sessions can be monitored during the recording. Convenient for international projects. You hear the voice-over, voice-over hears you, making it possible to listen in from abroad and give directions.

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